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Japanese Psychology — “Channelizing the Minds via UI”

Have you ever wondered why the logos of eatables are often bold, thick, full of primary colours like red; yellow; blue and have curvy fonts? Contrary to that, logos of luxury commodities are sharp, cursive, and glittery. Logos are the faces of the brands and are a part of User Interface (UI) designing which describes a lot about your brand and subsequently you as well. The justification behind doing so is channelizing the psychology of people at mass levels. Eyes are the most credible and most trusted among the 5 sense of the body , followed by touch. Due to common cold, your smell can be affected, due to heavy intake of medicines; you can lose taste temporarily, but not with eyes (unless medical complications). Usually we observe such efforts in the field of political / industrial campaigns but Japan is one such exception who has mastered the art of channelizing psychologies merely by improving UI designing at national demographic level . You also might be awar
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Martial Arts & Freedom Struggles.

One of the most underrated and yet must watch movies of the ‘ Man of the Hour ’ – Siddharth Malhotra is “ Brothers ”. It is underrated due to the fact that it was India’s 1st ‘ Mixed Martial Arts movie ’ ( MMA ). Despite of the plot holes and lack of proper characterizations, this was unique in its own. From ‘ Muay Thai ’ to ‘ Grappling ’ and ‘ Kick-Boxing ’, this movie has showcased it all with no compromise on cinematography. But what’s even more interesting to know is the origin(s) of these martial techniques, be it hand-to-hand combats or knife fighting techniques in Close Quarter Combats ( CQC ). WHAT ARE MARTIAL ART TECHNIQUES ? Simplifying a whole convoluted process in a holistic manner, martial art techniques are the combat sidearm of various life philosophies which allow their practioners to defend themselves in life threatening situations anytime, anywhere and with anyone. These are done in order to practice for a number of reasons such as self-defe

Female Genital Mutilation

Warning : The following content highlights, addresses and questions one of the most hideous social practices, that has somehow managed to exist among us and yet remained unnoticed until now. The content might encompass textual and visual elements that might be disturbing to perceive. Viewer discretion is highly requested. If you think circumcision is merely limited to males, then kindly allow me to dissolve that myth of yours. ‘ Female genital mutilation (FGM) ’ or ‘ Khatna ’ comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia (often involves the removal / cutting of the labia majora & clitoris), or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. This, by any means, shouldn’t be confused with ‘ Vaginoplasty (a consensual surgical procedure that results in the construction or reconstruction of the vagina done in case of treatment or removal of malignant growths or abscesses) ’ and ‘ Labioplasty (a consensual plastic s

Circumcision in Males.

Warning: The following content deals with sensitive human anatomy & morphology. Some images / graphics might be disturbing, viewer’s discretion is required. One of the most controversially misunderstood and stigmatised topics among males are the concept of Circumcision. Circumcision is an elective surgical process (Elective surgery / procedure is surgery that is scheduled in advance because it doesn’t involve a medical emergency) of removal of foreskin from the ‘ head of the penis ’ / ‘ Glans Penis ’ in a holistic or partial manner, due to probable or prevailing medical conditions, incurable by other means. ORIGIN OF CIRCUMCISION :- Circumcision has ancient roots among several ethnic groups in sub-equatorial Africa , whereas in Judaism, circumcision has traditionally been practised on males on the 8th day after birth (after the 1st Temple era). The Book of Genesis (Important text in Hebrew bible) records circumcision as part of the Abrahamic covenant (an important